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Lynch Accounting Ltd provide tax compliance and planning services to US citizens resident in the United Kingdom and UK individuals resident in the United States or having US business interests.

We can help US businesses set up and manage their UK operations.

We can help you with both your US and UK tax filing obligations if you are

  • A US citizen who has relocated permanently to the UK.
  • A US citizen working in the UK on a short-term assignment.
  • A US company commencing trading operations in the UK.
  • A UK individual who has relocated to the United States.
  • A UK individual with a US rental property.
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ervices we offer include

  • Preparation of US Federal Forms 1040 and 1040NR Personal Income Tax Returns.
  • Preparation of State Income Tax Returns.
  • Preparation of US Corporate Return Form 1120.
  • Departure and repatriation planning and advice
  • Assistance with Form FinCEN 114 ‘Report of Foreign Bank and Financial AccountsWe are IRS Certifying Acceptance Agents  for the purpose of IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) applications